Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Debden Bella Dayplanner Personal Organiser

No, that is not a Finchley :D

G'day everybody!

Yes, you read that right - this is NOT  Finchley. Pretty similar though, don't you think? I certainly thought so. That was until I saw the price - $30!

"Debden" is an Australian diary/planner/organisation brand - I guess similar to DayRunner, Day Timer, etc. I'm no expert but I have seen them a lot at local Newsagencies - more often their bound planners.

I think this Bella Dayplanner is part of their "Fashion" collection and is available in plenty of different colours. My favourite two were this Grape colour and a dark, crimson-y red colour.

Before you ask, no I did not buy this to add to my ever-growing collection of planners. I have a friend (who shall remain anonymous for now as it is a gift :P) and I wanted to get her something special so hopefully she will be excited by this & like her surprise.


As you can see in the photo, it has a few vertical (?) card slots on the side and also comes with a Today ruler, tabbed contact sheets & a ruled notepad at the end.

Undated Week On 2 Pages

The weekly inserts that are provided are undated which I guess is a pro & a con. I apologise for the poor quality photo but I guess it's also worth mentioning that they have a blue highlight on the days & are ruled.

Tabbed Contacts Section

They also provide contacts sheets and unlike the Filofax A-Z dividers that separate each section, the tabs are actually on the pages itself, which is kinda cool I guess :D

♫ I'm bringing Sexy Back :P

And to finish, just a picture of the back.

Overall, the feel of it is very soft & quite flexible but it doesn't lay completely flat. But since it is so flexible, I think it won't take too long to "train". I didn't want to bend it too much since as I mentioned earlier, it's for my friend (Sorry! I just had to get some pics!) Another con I guess would be that since it is quite inexpensive, the overall quality of the planner isn't as up there as Filofaxes, etc. but really for $30, it's gorgeous 

So, that was just a little tour/insight into what the planner looked like & came with. I hope you liked it!

Love Always,
Anna Banana 


  1. Those look like great planners. We have them in New Zealand, too.

    1. Yeah they're so pretty, I wanted one as well but practised self-control :D New Zealand, cool! I guess we're neighbours then :P

  2. Hi! Do you know if the inserts are the same size as Filofax inserts? :) thanks!

    1. Hi there! Yes I'm pretty sure they are the same size :-)