Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Guess who's baaaaack?! :-)

As promised, here is a post about my holy grail beauty products. I posted this picture on my Instagram a while ago about a few things I bought on a little spending spree.

I think I've got an addiction...

I love the application of the Essie Polishes and I have quite the collection growing. My favourite out of these three would have to be Mademoiselle. I found that you need to apply about 2-3 coats for it to have that gorgeous pale pink colour that sometimes doesn't even look like you're wearing it, but you are...it just looks so natural & is really cute. I also heard that the Good To Go Top Coat & the Apricot Cuticle Oil is great so I might have to add that to my wish list... :-) At the moment though, I'm using the Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat & it is amazeballs. Seriously. It doesn't dry completely in 60 seconds but it's quick enough and so, so shiny. Love. Love. Love.

Do you have $48? Then you need this. It will be the best investment you ever made. This one product alone is all the lip action you will ever need. It's a sheer lip balm but the cool thing about this is that it reacts to your body's chemistry or something fancy & subtly changes in colour to just give you a nice, natural pink glow on your lips. It smells sort of like a mix between vanilla & peppermint and it's so nice and refreshing and boy, so hydrating! Usually, I have to re-apply my lip balms repeatedly throughout the day, especially after I eat or drink but this keeps your lips nice & hydrated for a long time. It's amazing. And the packaging...oh...

  • Bourjois: Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
The. Only. Foundation. I. Use. Now. I haven't touched my other foundations or BB Creams because I am addicted to this. It smells sort of fruity & I also have the Healthy Mix Concealer to go with it as well. They are both so hydrating and give you great coverage throughout the whole day. I always add a bit of powder on top & I basically don't need to touch up on it for the rest of the day. I'm going to have to go & get another one...

Oh. My. Gosh. They're actually Real! I wore this one day & my best friend just wouldn't believe me. She thought they were falsies! To be honest, and I don't want to toot my own horn here or anything, I was blessed with quite long lashes & so these just add a whole lot of BOOM to them. $38 for a tube of mascara was quite a stretch for me but it's definitely worth it. I heard that it does dry up quite quickly but I'm hoping that day won't come anytime soon. p.s. Monica, the previously mentioned dubious bestie, dragged me to the Benefit counter in Myer and bought one for herself. She's a believer now! :-) p.p.s. Wearing this with winged liner just makes your eyes pop & look amazing!

  • Maybelline: Colour Elixir in Fuscia Flourish 075
Can we just take a minute to admire the gorgeous, sleek packaging? Once you unscrew the top, you see this spade-shaped sort of brush that's so smooth when you apply it on your lips. And this colour is just perfect. It's not too bright or dark or anything like that. I can literally just put this on without a mirror and be confident that it looks great. That's how great it is. The lasting power is also quite amazing and the scent is nice & sweet. I can't quite put my finger on it...but I'll try & get back to you.

I've heard all the rave about the Real Techniques brushes and thought I'd give them a try. I actually got the Stippling Brush first & loved it so much that I went out to buy the Expert Face Brush. I love using it to apply my Healthy Mix Serum Foundation mentioned above and it's amazing. I'm not going to lie, it does appear to leave brush lines but those can easily be smoothed out. Also, I use the stippling brush for my blush & it's so easy to wash and dries really quickly, but maybe it's because I use this brush for liquid foundations...it just won't clean properly or enough to my liking. I'd love for y'all to leave some tips down below. Thanks :-)

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush &
Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Phew! That was a lot of babble! And it may seem like a lot but I'm afraid...that's not all. I didn't want to drag this post out but thought I'd mention a few of my other daily essentials: Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush (Rose), Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder & Natural Bronzer & the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

Let me know if you want more reviews like these or if I should just stop all together :P I just can't help it! I'm in love with make up & love sharing my love for them, as well as reading about & watching heaps of YouTube videos ♡

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. I LOVE makeup reviews! This was an awesome post. =) Haha, that's funny about your mascara and your friend! =D


    1. Aww, thank you so much! I was worried it was too long & boring. And I just checked out your blog! Awesome posts! :-)