Saturday, December 6, 2014

♡ #BLOGMAS 2014: Sephora Haul!!!

The day has finally come! I honestly can't believe it. What I can't believe even more is the fact that we waited in line for 2 hours in the scorching Aussie sun to get in. But boy was it worth it. I was a liiiiittle bit disappointed they didn't have a few things, but hey, we came back hands full, credit cards drained & hearts happy. Of course I went with Monica but it was sweet of Kalen & Jeremy to come with us. They went to get some boy stuff first but came back with cool drinks and stayed with us the entire time. It's the little things in life that just make you so happy, don't you think so?

The Sephora staff were also super nice. They handed out free gelato since it was so hot (unfortunately we missed out), but they gave almost everyone there these little gift bags. In it was the latest Cosmopolitan magazine, a sparkling water with a hint of lemon (soooo good!!) & Peanut Butter Flavoured TimTams. The little pink lips chocolate in the middle was from the cute Benefit boys at the door ;-) I just think that was such a sweet gesture on behalf of them.

Not to mention the opening 'ceremony' was so much fun. They had a countdown & played Shake It Off where the staff came out and danced. Then when it was finally time, there was confetti everywhere. It was so exciting, I've never been to anything like it. What was even more fun was that we made really nice friends in line as well.

And now... Ladies & Gentlemen... The goodies! I bought nearly everything on my Sephora Wishlist but was sad when I couldn't find some stuff. I really, really wanted the small Tarte Airbuki Brush but I don't think they had that, as well as the Tarte Lipstick & the Lavanilla deodorant. However, I got another Tarte brush that seems similar to the one I wanted & after reading a lot of positive comments about it, I'm feeling a lot better. And can I just say, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Mineral Foundation & Blush is amazing.

I was going back & forth between getting the Formula X System pack for $60 or not. I kept telling myself that considering you save $20 it wasn't that bad and that my nail polish will most definitely last longer with all of it. I tried it on as soon as I got home & am in loooove with the colour. So I definitely do not regret it :-) I got the shade Exclamation in case anyone's wondering.

When I was on the phone with my mom, she joked, "Get me a lipstick!". I actually wasn't sure if she was joking or not, but since Christmas is just around the corner & she's done such amazing things for me my whole life, in particular this year, I thought I'd splurge a little & bought her a Marc Jacobs lipstick in the shade Heartbroken. Let me just say, the entire Marc Jacobs collection is drool-worthy but unfortunately very expensive.

And finally, the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Of course I had to try everything on this morning & I have to say, it just glides on. It's so much easier to apply than the Stila one but it's not as long-wearing. The Stila liner didn't budge once you put it on, but the Kat Von D one does rub off quite easily.

Depending on how you look at it, I either bought a lot, or not that much. I was kinda proud of myself that I didn't put too much in my basket, but once I got to the checkout... not-so-happy. I was so excited that they said they were going to match U.S. prices but was sad at how expensive it still was. Nonetheless, I'm sure such big hauls at Sephora won't happen too often so I thought, why the heck not?

I hope you all had a great day & are enjoying #Blogmas so far :-)

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡

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