Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TEDDY TUESDAY: Fun Day Out With Cousins!

So, you may all know Honey the Puggle (Pug x Bealge) by now. But this is probably the first time you meet her sister, aka my cousin's sister's dog, Mimi, a Jack Russell x Maltese. The reason she wasn't in as many photos as Honey was because she's a little hostile. It took a while for even her & Honey to become friends, but we're making great progress with Mimi & Teddy. And we finally took a photo of all 3 of them together!

My cousins and I decided to take a trip to Petbarn because let's face it, it's one of our favourite places. And of course, a trip to Petbarn wouldn't be complete without a puppy haul. Teddy needed a new tennis ball & Dentastix so we got those and of course some new toys & treats. I also wanted to ask you dog or cat owners about Greenies - are they good? are they bad? I've heard such good stories about them but such scary horror stories as well and I'm not sure what to do. I'm not even sure if Dentastix are good but any advice would be much appreciated.

Since Mimi's more on the hostile side, we can't really take her to dog parks or stores so we only took Teddy. And when we got home, she must have been tired because all dogs were just napping on the floor. Teddy has endless amounts of energy so whenever she sleeps, it's actually quite a relief. And in these photos below you can see Honey's new collar - a present from us! We bought her & Mimi some collars, leashes & bows from the same place I got Teddy's (Mattie & Margot). They were absolutely gorgeous & doesn't purple look gorgeous on Honey?

They've all become quite good friends. Although I feel sorry for Honey sometimes because Teddy's always all over her...but she doesn't seem to mind too much. We even took them out on a bike ride! My cousins have these trailer things that attach to the back of bikes so you can just pull them along. Honestly, I've never properly rode bikes or learnt how to so it was a little scary at first but so much fun! We did about 20 small laps around her place before doing 3 bigger laps around the block & park, taking turns pulling the dogs (we had 2 bikes but only 1 trailer). Speaking of bikes, I desperately want one - especially after today. The vintage style bikes are just so pretty & of course, the baby blue one is calling my name. This is my cousin's in the Coffee colour. Isn't it gorgeous? Her & her boyfriend bought each other bikes for Christmas so I ahem, Kalen...wink wink nudge nudge :P I'll keep you posted on that in the future :-)

As you can see, Teddy was exhausted on our way home. I'm not entirely sure why since all the dogs just sat & watched while we pedalled our hearts out but she was completely knocked out. And I'm feeling quite tired myself so I better rest up & talk to you some other time! We might be going to the dog park again tomorrow so we have to charge our batteries for then.

And to finish up this blog post, here are some photos of Honey & Mimi keeping watch of who comes & goes outside. Aren't they adorable? My cousin wants to find Honey a boyfriend so she can have adorable little Puggle puppies & I can't wait! We have been talking about me keeping one but it's more a matter of convincing my parents... Well, that's for another blog post! :P

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. I love how Teddy sits on the couch - my little man does something similar, and it's quite adorable. We compare it to sitting like people, so we say that he thinks he's people (and sometimes, I'm pretty sure he does!).
    Love the photo of Honey's and Teddy's faces all close together :) It's a great thing when pups have friends!!

    1. Haha it's adorable, isn't it? I read how it's good to socialise puppies when they're younger & I love how friendly & playful Teddy is with any and all dogs. It's so cute to watch as well! xx

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