Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TEDDY TUESDAY: Teddy Goes to the Dog Park!

So, if you follow Teddy on Instagram, you'd know that she went to the dog park a few weeks ago. It was absolutely so much fun & we all had a blast! My cousin & her boyfriend brought her 3 dogs while Kalen & I brought Teddy and it was so much fun! There's a little cafe there where you can order food for yourself, as well as treats & puppaccinos for your dogs! I was so excited about this and Teddy had a few sips, then Yuki, one of my cousin's dogs had some more, and then this fella pictured above came and finished it off!

It must be because it was the holiday season but there were so many people & even more dogs! We saw so many breeds including this quite rare white German Shepherd. Isn't she a beauty?

You all probably know Honey the Puggle by now but here is another of my cousin's dogs - Cola. Cute name, huh? He may look like a cute little puppy but he's almost 7 years old - in other words almost a grandpa now! Sadly he's going blind and is a little grey around the face, but he's still so adorable & young at heart!

So here's a little Teddy update for the week. She's doing okay - still biting me despite her plenty chew toys, but she is calming down a little...I think. And the Summer of tennis has officially begun so I'll probably be a little MIA ;P I hope you've all been well & the new year has been kind to you so far.

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. Cola does look like a puppy! our older dog is getting to be of a certain age and he, too, is getting a little grey about his snout, but it suits him. The grey suits Cola as well!
    I love seeing all the photos of Teddy on her Instagram, so cute xD

    1. Aww thank you! And I have to say I absolutely love seeing you like all our photos & commenting on all my posts! Thank you so much ♡ And yeah the grey suits Cola huh? Even though Teddy's already bigger than him already. It's adorable watching them all play! xx