Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coleto Pens

A friend of mine recently asked me if they sold Coleto Pens anywhere near me. Although I had heard of these "Coleto Pens", I actually didn't know what was so great about them. That was until I was out shopping at Kinokuniya and was almost blinded by this sight:

In case you didn't know, I am obsessed with anything bright & colorful, and so when I saw this, you can only imagine the look on my face...

I immediately emailed my friend, asking which one she wanted and while I was waiting for her to reply, I fell in love! I had no idea that the barrels & refills were sold separately so as to completely customise your pen!

There were different color barrels with various designs, ranging from 2-5 color/refill holder thingos (excuse my poor description). There were a whole lot of different colors and came in 0.3, 0.4 & 0.5mm tips. Not only that, but I noticed that there was also a mechanical pencil & eraser refill so you could have nearly everything in one little barrel! I just thought that was the smartest thing, ever!

Hi-Tec Coleto 4 Color in Metallic Pink
And so, of course, while buying some for my friend, I bought one for myself as well :D I can tell I will be making a lot more trips to Kinokuniya (now officially my favorite stationery store near me) for more refills and just to stare at the all the...color. Wow, I must sound a little cray cray. But really. It's amazing.

A note to all you Metropol-ers: it does not fit in the pen loops for the Metropol, which was a bit of a bummer. BUT, you can hook the clip onto the mesh pocket at the back, so yay!

And now a note to all the Filofax paper-haters: THERE IS NO BLEED THROUGH! There is the tiniest bit of show through, but really, it's almost unnoticeable! The colors are great (although the yellow comes out more orange in my eyes), they write really smoothly & they are Filofax-safe! Hooray!

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