Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sticky Notes

If you have seen any of my weekly pages on my Instagram, at all, you would know that I am absolutely in love with sticky notes of all different shapes & sizes.

The main ones I use are these post-its that are a full-width sticky type & stick so well to everything. I used to write grocery lists or really important To-Do's and stick them on my dashboard. That was until I took them off because I felt they were a little "too" sticky, leaving marks all over my flyleaf :( But I still use them and stick them on my pages from time to time, just for the really important things because the bright color really stands out and grabs your attention.

The newest addition to my sticky notes are these cute little animal tabs. I got them off Cool Pencilcase & aren't they just adorable? There were different designs but I absolutely fell in love with these little guys & stick them in whenever I have special events that aren't exactly set in stone. That way, they're a cute little reminder to confirm the event, as well as saving me the trouble of scratching things out in my Filofax (shudder).

And finally, to end on an even cuter note are my "Fun Shaped Sticky Notes". These come in a little set with actual animal shaped ones & smaller, rectangular shaped ones with cute, subtle little designs on them. I got them at a huge Japanese bookshop called Kinokuniya and although they were a little costly, the quality of the sticky notes make it so worthwhile. Because they're such amazing quality, I tend to use them for really, really important things that happened. For example, the day I started this blog! :D

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