Saturday, September 7, 2013

Marvy Uchida Le Pens

Let's talk pens. Not too long ago, I ordered a set of Marvy Uchida LePens off JetPens. I got the pack of 10 which had 2x black, 2x blue, and 1x burgundy red, red, pink, lavender, green & teal blue. Since the pen loop on the right side of my Metropol is smaller than the other, it only holds thin pens or pencils - which made these LePens absolutely perfect for me!

However, as most of you may know, the paper quality of the normal, white Filofax paper is really not the best. Being a felt-tip marker, it was only natural that they bled through.

Left: Normal White,  Right: Cotton Cream

Left: Normal White, Right: Cotton Cream

But, it wasn't enough to bother me and I do have the Cotton Cream inserts for 2014. It may not exactly look like it in the picture, but the Cotton Cream paper really did take the ink better so I think I will stick with them. They write like a dream and I intend to order more colors in the future.

As for JetPens, it did take about 3 weeks for them to arrive but I can't really complain being all the way here in Australia. Besides, the quality of the pens just blew me away. I would definitely recommend them!


  1. Did you order the orange pen separately?

    1. Yup. As well as a few others like the light blue colour :-)