Saturday, September 7, 2013

Masking Sticker Set

Ask any Filofax-er what they absolutely cannot live without, and it would most likely be this. All hail the Masking Sticker Set! I discovered this after watching Alondra's video on YouTube. At that time I thought, "Is there anything better than washi tape?" - and she answered my question.

The great thing about these little babies are that they're made of paper, which makes writing on them so much easier! Not to mention the cute designs. This one is the Pastel Version and I got it off of eBay. It was extremely cheap with free shipping so that was another bonus. I think they come in 2 different packaging: the paper envelope that I got, and also a tin container that will obviously keep for a longer time.

These masking stickers come in a set of 27 sheets and each sheet has thin strips, thick strips & circle shapes. I absolutely love them and use them pretty much everyday. I will definitely be adding the Basic & Fabric versions to my Stationery Wish List, just because they add such variety & color to your pages in such a simplistic way.

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