Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Happy Tuesday! You may be wondering what this 'Tip Tuesday' is but I went shopping for new bed sheets today & when I was putting some stuff away, just sort of stumbled upon a cute little organisational thing. It may seem dead obvious but I just thought I might snap a few pictures because, hey, I was so excited.

This is one of the quilt cover sets I got at Adairs from the brand Mercer + Reid. I just loved the colour combination & it's such a nice, lightweight yet warm quilt, perfect for the Spring time. As soon as we fitted set it all up, it instantly lit up my whole room giving it a whole new feel. The other set I got was from the Home Republic brand that has a bit of yellow and some darker, brighter blue triangles that I think will be perfect for Summer.

I was quite surprised at how expensive quilt covers & bed sheets were but I guess there's a good reason for it. The quality of these are amazing & definitely worth it. Oh, and I would highly recommend the Adairs membership. It's about $20 for a 2-year membership but you can save so much. My Home Republic one, it would have been $180, but with the sale that's going on right now, it's $100, and on top of that, the Linen Lovers Membership gives you a 5% discount so only $95. Same goes for the Mercer + Reid one pictured above. RRP is $230, the sale makes it $130, and my membership makes it $123. It's not a lot, but when you're buying as much as we did, it all adds up. Not to mention how adorable the membership card is. Seriously. Swoon.

Unfortunately, the quilt cover you see in the picture does not include the pillowcases so that's a few extra dollars. But I reckon this will last quite a few years & I've got others to switch occasionally so I'm set for a long time now.

Now, that's enough rambling. How about we actually get into the organising tips, huh? When I bought the quilts and the cases and all that jazz, they came in awesome plastic cases. So, being the organised freak that I am, I whipped out my DYMO labeller & got to printing some unnecessary but cute labels.

I don't know if you have the same problem, but we have a lot of bits & bobs and can never find the right plastic for things. So this time, I made sure to label EVERYTHING! I think they look quite nice. And what makes this even neater is that all the smalled ones fit nicely into the big one that the quilt came in. It was like playing tetris in real life &  I was so excited about it all. You get me, don't you?

So now, all I need to store in the cupboard is this neat little package. I'm thinking of reorganising our entire linen cupboard & using this 'system' to not only keep it neater & more organised, but to save space.

Let me know what you think & I'd love to hear your ideas as well. I looooove organising anything & everything so tips & advice are much appreciated. I'll try and make this 'Tip Tuesday' a more regular thing but I may lack the creativity for it to happen every week. But I'll try. And who knows, there might be a 'Tip Thursday' or something like that as well?

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡ 


  1. OHMAHGOODNESS I LOOOOVE your room! *swoon* Those bedsheets are adorable! Haha, I'm organizational like that, too! I would love a weekly thingie. Haha =)

    1. Hopefully I try & get something up every week if I can think of something helpful. Thank you so much for all your positive comments - it honestly made my day! xx

  2. The labels look great but the bedroom itself is just fantastic. I am lost for words.


    1. Aww, you're too, too kind. Thank you so much :-)