Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TIP TUESDAY: How To Print Double-Sided on Filofax Paper

Here is the long awaited 'tutorial' on how to print double-sided on Filofax paper. In case you're wondering about the photo, it's really not relevant to the post. I was just looking through my images & liked it so there is is.

Step 1: Page Setup
If you got to Print, you're able to go to Page Setup and the Manage Custom Sizes to adjust the paper size. Since I print quite often on Filofax paper, I made a custom Filofax page with the dimensions of the Personal size Filofax paper (17.2 x 9.5 cm). You can also make this appear on your list of paper sizes by clicking the little + sign.

Step 2: Adjust Printer Paper Size
Here is what my usual paper tray in my printer looks like. As you can see, the width & height are so that they will fit A4 sheets of paper. What I do is, I place a sheet of Filofax paper in it and use the adjusters so that it will snugly fit personal sized sheets.

Above: A4 - Below: Personal Sized Filofax Paper 

Step 3: Printing on the RIGHT/FRONT Side

                                            LEFT                                                                         RIGHT

I labeled the sides of my Filofax so that you know  which side I'm talking about when I say Left & Right side.

Now, you may all know that there are 2 sides of Filofax sheets (duh, Annie). But what I mean by this is that I like to think of the side with the Filofax writing in between the 6 holes the 'Top/Front' side. And so all my pages will have this text showing on the right side of my Filofax (green circle).

Let's take the monthly pages, for example. The Thursday/Friday - Sunday part is on the right. So, let's print that side now. Since I want the Filofax logo in the middle to appear on that page, I put it face up on my paper tray. Then here is where the magic happens. Flip it. That's right, you heard me. Flip it.

I oriented the picture so it looks how it would look if you were to be pushing the paper tray into the printer (blue arrow). You may be able to feintly see the Filofax logo (green circle). That is the key. If you want something printed on that page, it must be facing down. So, in goes the paper and remember to click print on only the second half of the month (Thu/Fri-Sun).

This is what your newly printed page should look like. As you can see, the Filofax logo is up front & centre :D (green circle). This is a minor detail which you can of course choose not to do, but I find that it makes everything in your Filofax line up nicely.

Step 4: Printing on the LEFT/BACK Side
Now we're going to print the first half of the next month on the back of this page that we just printed. Since the other side of this paper is blank, that is where we want to print it (haha, obviously). So, if I taught you anything today, it's that it must be facing down. So this is how we're going to push the paper tray in.

And if all worked out, you should have successfully printed double-sided! Here are 2 pictures of exactly the same sheet of paper, just side by side.

I reeeeeally hope that this was as helpful as I wanted it to be. I understand that this is definitely a learning process. I still mess up quite a bit but hey, it's all good fun...isn't it? And once you start print out a whole year's worth of inserts, it'll come to you naturally.

Unfortunately I can't help those who want to print on A4 sheets & cut them to size. I've only ever printed my inserts on blank FIlofax paper & I can definitely say it's very convenient.

I hope this helped & I'd love to hear if it worked out for you!

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. I am so glad I came across your blog this fine Saturday! I do not have a printer yet and really want to print out these inserts. Sadly, I will have to find a way. This post answers why I was not able to print out properly either when I had access to a printer. Thank you so much for the post! You are a ray of sunshine!

    1. Oh, I hope it all works out for you! Haha you flatter me! Keep me updated & feel free to ask any questions xx

  2. Replies
    1. Oh I'm so glad it was useful! I was worried it'd be a little hard to understand but I hope it works out for you xoxo