Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Make-up Spending Ban - "CHEATING"?!

I know what you're thinking. In fact I know the 2 things running through your head.

1. It's Tip Tuesday
2. Why is there a picture of makeup when you're on a makeup spending ban?

Well, 1, I had scheduled something but I didn't like it... Haha, yes I'm OCD like that. I want all my posts to be perfect & if I don't like some part of it, I can't bring myself to publish it. So I apologise. But I'm planning a 'How to organise your planner' post for next Tuesday so look forward to that! :D

And second, I was so lucky to have been gifted these by my relatives. My aunt works at an Estée Lauder factory so she often gives us freebies & even invitations to corporate stores at staff prices. My mom, Monica, her mom & I are all planning a girls' shopping day out and spending of the money will probably happen. Hard. Very hard. Oh well, Christmas is just around the corner so there's a good excuse right there.

Anyways, I just wanted to put some sort of post up today so here is what I got. I got a few mini Aveda products, Estée Lauder lipglosses & a gorgeous pink eyeshadow. Seriously, that packaging...drooooool.

These are gifts from my cousin who recently went overseas & brought me back these beauties! I've heard of the Missha brand but never tried anything from there. But that lipstick. The colour is a gorgeous pink without being over the top & is sheer without being too sheer. In short - it's perfect. And now the Pièce de résistance! Ladurée makeup?! Am I the only one that didn't know these existed?! It's amazing! Check out that blush! The blush container & blush is sold separately and they live adorably together in that little packaging! Ahh!! I'm swooning for days!

I tried them on & the 2 colours look so great together. Don't forget to let me know if you've tried any Missha or Ladurée cosmetics. I'd love to see what other things to try out :P

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡

p.s. I may or may not have cracked. I went to the drugstore today just to get some pills when I was tempted by the Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish. But I promise. No more!


  1. OH.MAH.GOODNESS!! That packaging! All of it!! Ahh!! Hehe