Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was so excited to be tagged by @my_planner to do her tag - The Planner Addicts Tag. You can check out her video on YouTube as well for the full tag. I didn't answer a few questions so here is a longer, more elaborate version of my answers.

1. What planner are you currently using?
I am currently using the Personal Size Warm Orange Metropol Filofax

2. What planner(s) have given you planner peace?
Emily Ley's Simplified Planner has (finally!) given me planner peace. Hopefully I won't be investing in any more because I sure don't need it :P

3. Filofax, Midori or Erin Condren?
Filofax. Although I considered trying the Erin Condren

4. Pocket, Personal, A5, or binder?
Personal. I've only ever tried Personal but would like to try out the A5

5. Where do you get inspired the most? YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest?
Instagram & Pinterest - I'm constantly scrolling through endless pictures

6. What's your go to pen?

7. What are your favorite inserts?
As you all know, I make my own inserts so I guess I'm obligated to say my own :D But I do love the Kate Spade & the Filofax Cotton Cream inserts

8. Stickers, post-it's, or page flags?
Post-it’s all the way!

9. Keep it simple or deck it out?
Keep it simple

10. How many sections do you have in your planner?
6 - Personal, Notes, To Do, Addresses, Monthly, Weekly

11. Do you use a planner for school?
Yes. Honestly, I would not survive without it

12. Rings, spiral bound, discbound or other? Why?
Spiral Bound - I love the way they look & feel!

13. Do you use a dashboard? How?
Sometimes by sticking post-it notes with grocery or to do lists on them

And now, I tag YOU! Feel free to join in, send me your answers or link me to your blog!

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. ooo i share your planner addiction! Nothing better than being super organised! x

    1. Haha that's so true! My life would probably be all over the place! xx