Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TIP TUESDAY: How I Wash My Make-Up Brushes

Hey guys! A super duper short post from me today. And it's about washing your make-up brushes. How often do you wash them? What do you use? When I first got into make-up, I had to do my research on a lot of things, including washing make-up brushes. There were a lot of methods but I chose a method that was simple, quick & effective.

First, I add some baby shampoo to a bowl of hot water. Then I get my least-used brushes and swirl them into the water to 'dissolve' the shampoo. Then I slowly add my other brushes, swirling them in. Finally, I add my make-up sponge. Hehe...please excuse how dirty it is... I really need a new one. Moving on. I soak all my brushes in there for a while & my sponge tends to float so I try to smother it to keep it down with my other brushes.

And that's it! Really simple, huh? It's just the drying time that takes a while so I do my make up before washing them. I usually leave it near a window with the sun beaming in. About 10-15 minutes later, I turn each brush around to dry the other side as well. If I'm bothered, I keep turning them ever 15 minutes or so. They do get dry by the night (if I wash them early in the morning), but to be safe, 24+ hours is usually the best.

As for how often, I try to wash them every Sunday morning but sometimes I get lazy. For you experts or non-experts-with-great-advice out there, do you think once a week is enough? Is my method even right? I would love any advice & any other products that are great.

Also, an update on the puppy situation. I've been meaning to post more but I've been a little busy planning for the puppy... My mom is insisting on getting me a puppy for my 21st birthday so it seems this is actually going to happen! I'm so nervous yet excited at the same time. I'm seriously in crazy dog lady mode at the moment & Kalen's getting really excited as well. We sort of feel like parents getting ready for a baby.....................

Too soon? Oh well, we both love kids.

Anywho, I'm planning on doing some posts about my whole getting-a-puppy-process so hopefully a lot more blog posts coming your way sooooooon (we're going to see a few Cavoodles next week :D)

So much for a short post. Until next time!

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. I had to buy myself an extra set of brushes because I'm so lazy about cleaning them. This way, I always have a clean brush at hand and one either waiting to be washed or drying out. :)

    Can I also ask where did you purchase your fiofax inserts? (The ones with the sleek sans-serif font, not the inserts you made yourself) I really like the clean lines and want to purchase them but I can't find them anywhere!

    1. Ohhh, I see, that's a good idea. I might have to buy a few extras as well. Oh and the inserts are from the Filofax website. They're the cream-coloured ones but I think their 2015 inserts on the normal white paper have the same font/layout. xx

  2. i think you're using a good shampoo - but i would suggest trying another technique. soaking your brushes that deep in water allows water to get up into the ends of the brush fibers where it can loosen and dissolve the glue, causing fiber loss in your brush over time. the water can also loosen the bond between the ferule (metal part) and the glue holding it to the handle of your brush, which could cause your brush head to come loose.

    i have found that running look warm water in the sink works best. i lay my palm out flat with the shampoo resting on the palm of my hand. i get the brush fibers wet under the sink, dip it in a bit of shampoo, and use the ridges of my fingers to agitate the shampoo and loosen the pigments from the fiber. I then rinse it a few times under the running faucet to get the soap out and set the brushes out on an angle (brush head facing down so that any access water drips out of the brush rather than in it).

    1. Ohhh, I see, that makes sense. I'll definitely have to try that out. Thank you so much for your amazing advice. How do you set your brushes upside-downish to dry? I wanted to hang them like that or something but I didn't know how to. Thanks again xx