Saturday, November 1, 2014

♡ 21st Birthday Recap

Guess who turned 21?! That's right, this girly :P

I share my birthday with my bestie, Mon & Halloween...although that's not a birthday. Halloween was never really a big thing here in Australia but lately I've seen more trick or treaters & decorations at some houses. Although there weren't any trick or treaters at my place this year. But I hope you all had a fun & exciting Halloween and didn't get too sick from eating so much candy.

I had an amazing day. Starting as soon as I opened my eyes. I must have really been out of it because Kalen managed to get up and attach balloons on my bed and place the most beautiful bouquet of (21) roses beside me. We had a delicious breakfast at one of our favourite cafés and then went shopping at IKEA with Mon & her boyfriend, Jeremy. That's right ladies & gentlemen, an IKEA double date on our birthday. Romantic, huh? But really, we just love strolling through IKEA and I bought a few bookshelf inserts. I may or may not have already started getting the dog's room ready...

Then we just relaxed at home, putting together the drawers & whatnot, and I gotta say, it's coming along pretty great. I'm planning on doing a 'Puppy Trilogy' sort of thing so stay tuned. I'm so excited! I know I got the car for my birthday (for the next 5 years), but since it is my 21st, it seems I really am getting a puppy! I just feel so blessed & lucky to have such amazing family & friends...I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. We're going to see the puppies tomorrow (Sunday) and I'm super, duper excited to see them! Just imagine, this time tomorrow, there will potentially be a little puppy tucked into my lap as I type and exciting new blog post.

If that doesn't work out, we may be going to another place next Sunday. It'd be a little disappointing if that happens since I've been hyping this up the whole time but a puppy will definitely join the Rose household by next month so that's all I can ask for. Plus, I'd prefer all the stuff I ordered online to arrive before the puppy comes so that may even be better. I'm trying to make the best of anything & everything because I'm just so grateful for the amazing gift of a new best friend.

Enough about that now. A birthday wouldn't quite be a birthday without cake now, right? We picked up 2 of these adorable little cakes that were amaaaaaazing! We got them from this cute little Korean bakery/café in Strathfield called Hello Happy. What a cute name! We'll definitely be going there again, soon! And of course, a cake that pretty was just screaming 'Instagram' so naturally, we dressed up the table a little :P

Honestly, my family & friends made this day so special for me. We love having these low-key occasions, even if it is a big birthday like a 21st, and it was made even more special being around all my closest friends and family.

But on top of that, when I posted these pictures on Instagram, all of you wished me a Happy Birthday and that was seriously just the icing on the cake. The cherry on top. The sugar coating. Enough cake puns? ;-) And I can't thank you all enough for making my day even better. You have all become such great friends of mine & I wish there was a better way of me to express my thanks for you, but at the moment, thanks seems to be the only way...

Thank you so, so much.

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful celebration :-)

  2. Happy Late Birthday! I love the pictures! That is so cool that your best friend shares your birthday! I hope getting a dog works out; I have a Whippet mix (A medium sized greyhound) and I love him so much.

    Have a lovely day!

    ~Jess <3

    1. Aww thank you! Having a dog is proving a lot harder than expected but I still love her to bits. And ohhhh I looooove Greyhounds & Whippets! Adorable!! xx