Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PUPPY TRILOGY PART II: Major Collective Puppy Haul!

Soooo.... I did a lot of shopping... And I thought I'd show you what I got :P As you would expect from me, this will be a super long post.

The biggest splurge was Teddy's bed. It's from an amazing site called Charley Chau. It's great quality & has such cute designs. It's a little pricey but so worth it! And they added a little hand-written note, which I love and think is such amazing service. I think they originally started their company by designing beds for their Italian Greyhounds so the size is a little big, especially for Teddy. But she still has a little growing to do & it's great to have some of her 'friends' in there as well :D

As you can see, she absolutely loves it! :D Next are a lot of grooming, toys & accessories. One of my favourites is the Mattie & Margot collar and leash. It was such a thoughtful & amazing gift from her Aunty Mon Mon & Uncle Jerbil (a.k.a. Monica & Jeremy :P) And again, another hand-written thank you note + a discount code for next time. Oh, and another great thing about this brand is that when you get sick of the collar or want something new, you can return it to them. Then they'll turn it into a key fob & return it to you! So a cute & environmentally friendly brand :D

There's a cool store that sells a lot of pet things called Petbarn. I guess it would be similar to your Pets At Home or Petcetera or Pet Smart, and those kind of stores. I took a visit to this place even before I got Teddy, just so we could be fully prepared. Here was my first ever puppy haul. Some treats, training pads, toys & an ear cleaner. I read that dogs with floppy ears like Teddy need their ears cleaned more often so I made sure to get that. She absolutely loves the JerHigh Milky Sticks but the Old Mother Hubbard treats were a little stale & she didn't like them too much.

The Yours Droolly Training Pads were great. They were big, had adhesives so they'd stick on the floor and were super absorbent so that they didn't leave paw prints all over the place. The only bad thing was what I mentioned earlier. They only have 4 little adhesive spots so Teddy was able to tear it all off. Even after I stuck it down, she started biting at the actual pad area in the middle so they had to go. Not to mention they're pretty pricey.

On my second trip to Petbarn, I bought some more treats, the classic Kong, a little tennis ball & tear stain remover. I would definitely recommend everything except the tear stain remover. I should have waited a little before buying it since my vet recommended water instead of products, even though this is all 'natural'. Teddy's stains are also quite dark & seemingly permanent until we got them trimmed.

Another online store I checked out was Peticular. They have some pretty stylish dog beds, bowls & that was where we were introduced to the Mattie & Margot collars. I bought 2 Felli Pet dog bowls. They had a range of colours including Fuscia, Lime, Aqua & Tangerine. The shipping was super fast with a cute little receipt slip & a little treat for me as well :-)

The breeder we bought Teddy from gave us a bag of Royal Canin Mini Junior kibbles. I was researching a few dog food brands and was leaning heavily towards this one but was a little hesitant because of the price. But after much consideration, I thought better safe than sorry so I decided to stick with this. Nutrition-wise, it's perfect for growing puppies. But it does have a strong smell which I think affects the smell of her pee as well (too much info?). On the other hand, it makes her poop nice & solid so that's great :D (way too much info).

I went a little crazy on the whole grooming & smelling nice thing. Since Cavoodles don't shed, it was recommended that we brush her every day to prevent matting & whatnot. The Rufus & Coco Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is great because if you press the button thingy, it cleans itself (as the name suggests :D). Teddy didn't like it at first but now that I've brushed her everyday, she doesn't mind too much.

Rufus & Coco also released these Pee Here & Wee Away products that does what the name suggests. I put a few drops of the Pee Here on her training pad and she peed a little off the pad the first time but on it the second, so I guess it's somewhat effective. The Wee Away is great when she pees on the rug. It's supposed to get rid of stains & prevent re-soiling (not entirely convinced on that but smells good).

I'm not one to leave negative reviews for things, but the FuzzYard Breath Gel is terrible. Teddy hates the smell of it and wriggles her way out all the time. If not, her teeth are completely clamped. I also bought the Petosan Toothbrush & Toothpaste. I'm happy to report that she absolutely loves it! Maybe a little too much... But it leave her teeth clean & breath fresh.

Another less than positive review is for the Essential Dog Shampoo & Deodorising Cologne in Chamomile, Sweet Orange & Rosewood. There were so many positive reviews about this so I thought I'd try it out. The shampoo does what a shampoo should, I guess. But the cologne barely lasts 2 minutes. It smells okay but doesn't last. After I spritz Teddy, she goes a little crazy as well so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. She does the same thing after I spray the Molly Mutt Dog Bed Freshener on her bed. But it smells great & lasts longer, is supposedly all natural & repels fleas as well.

And finally, the Frontline Spray. I got a little freaked out when the groomer said she had fleas. One of them said there was a lot, but the other said there were only a few. We all constantly check her but can never find any. But to be safe, we bought the Frontline Spray for fleas & ticks on our way out (Totally scammed by the way! It was so expensive at the vet/groomer). I know I could have bought the spot treatment or whatnot, but I already bought a pack of Sentinel (forgot to photograph!) that covers all worms & fleas. I'll be starting her on that in December but I'll keep spraying her monthly since it gets rid of ticks as well. BTW, I sprayed her and there were barely any fleas so either the product's a dud or the groomers got me :-(

And finally, I popped into Petbarn again yesterday but I had a good reason! 1. We were running out of kibbles, and 2. I had a 20% off voucher that expired on the 1st of December so I had to use it ASAP :P And as usual, I can't walk into any store without getting just what I needed. So I picked up a little Rawhide Chew that will clean her teeth as well as keep her from chewing my toes & fingers, a flea comb & an early Christmas present. She sure loves slippers so why not get her a squeaky one?

Now, that was a whole lot of rambling. I would love to hear your thoughts on all these products & as always, I'd love any and all advice. And since I'm a little bit of a shopaholic, I'm open to any suggestions of online stores that sell cute dog accessories, etc.

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. If you live in an apartment complex or anything similar, it could be entirely beyond you to keep the fleas away. Our dogs have had them off and on for sooo long, but only a few at a time - which means the neighbors are the culprits. They've been mostly itch free for the past two months or so, so I'm guessing the offending tenants moved out!
    We have a tea tree oil shampoo we use on our guys, and the smell is strong when you bathe them, but after, the good *clean* smell lasts a few days, which is nice!

    1. I see, that makes sense. I'm definitely going to have to try out that tea tree oil shampoo next time. Thank you so much for your advice xx

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