Friday, December 12, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Gifts For Him

I for one take no shame in admitting I am terrible at giving gifts. It is a very stressful time for me when the holidays approach. I'm better at buying for my female friends but I just don't get boys... Is that just me?

So, I did a little research (a.k.a. nagging Kalen & Jeremy about what they wanted) and came up with a list of things guys might like. I realised a lot of it was technology-related or the classic pair of socks. Granted, Teddy has claimed a lot of their socks as hers so I kinda owe them that.

My favourites on this list would have to be the Funko Pop! Figures, Mophie Juice Pack & the Backpack. I'm a huge fan of Batman and just think they're adorable. And also, being a huge Apple fan, the idea of something like a Mophie is just so cool. Being able to just turn your case on whenever you need a charge is such a neat idea. And don't get me started on how cute the Fjallraven Backpacks are - I particularly love this bright yellow colour.

An electric shaver is also handy and lasts a long time. I bought Kalen one of these years ago & it's still going strong. If you want to get your man something he uses almost everyday, this would be perfect.

I hope this helped you somewhat because I certainly know what I'll be getting my friends & family this year.

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. The Funko figures are always amazing! We don't have any as I know it would just be another thing to collect (that we don't have the space or money for!). I've noticed that boys are harder to buy for as well. I had to pester my Husband about what he wanted, and even then I had to ask "okay are you sure you really want this" as all the tech things he always is after are quite spendy!

    1. Ahh, that's so true! Haha, hopefully Kalen likes his Batman one enough that he doesn't want another (unlikely but hopeful :P)