Friday, December 12, 2014

☆ Spark Notebook: A Place for your Life Plans & Great Ideas

I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by Spark Notebook to try out a few of their sample pages & share them with you. Honestly, I had never heard of this campaign/brand before but I'm so glad I know now.

I think how it works is that you make a 'pledge' (right hand side of their site) and that is basically the cost of product you want to buy. The notebook itself looks so sleek & sophisticated, the pages are ink-proof, super high quality & perforated, not to mention their pages are so useful to life, work & school.

The $1 pledge gives you all of the page layouts in PDF form, which I was lucky to have been sent to try out. It includes Monthly Goals, Weekly Outlook, Project Planner & 30 Day Challenge. I think the PDF version will be super handy for people who don't mind printing off their own pages because then you might be able to resize them to fit into your Filofax, etc. (e.g. A5 pages).

But of course, I'm not one to resist sexy looking notebooks. That's right, I just called a notebook sexy. But that is how I feel about them by just looking at the images. The pages are just so useful. I honestly can't stress that enough and I think it'll help me stay on track with tasks & challenges I set for myself. And I know a lot of you like to set monthly challenges & so I thought I'd share this amazing system with you.

So what do you think? For a dollar, you really can't go wrong. And they do ship anywhere in the world (a constant struggle living in Australia) so that's a nice bonus as well. The only downside is that time is running out, as well as stock so if you wanna get your hands on them, I'd recommend you do them ASAP. They'd make great gifts as well & would be a great way to ring in the new year.

I can't wait to start using my pages & I'm even more excited to share how I use them with you so stay tuned!

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡

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