Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So, a while back, I did a Room Tour post of my own room, but today, it's a room tour of Teddy's room. Yes, Teddy has her own room. She is quite the spoilt little pup. She seems really comfortable in her own room since there's a lot of room for her to roam & play. Plus, her door's open when she's not sleeping so she can play in different rooms & whatnot. I'm happy to report that the toilet training is around 75/25 at the moment. It just makes me so happy when she's playing in my room but then wanders off into her room to do her business.

Anyways, back to the room tour. Here is the little sign I made/painted for her door... Yes, I'm a little obsessed with her (Kalen wonders if I'm like this with a puppy, how I'd be with a real baby xD). I bought the letters at Bunnings Warehouse & just painted them myself. And the picture of her is the one you may have seen in Part I of this trilogy & on my Instagram. It's probably my absolute favourite picture of her & I just printed that out on photo paper :-)

This is her little sleeping & feeding area. I got this playpen hoping it would keep her in but alas, she just slips right through (although, these days, it's not as smooth as it was at first :P - she's growing so fast!). Nevertheless, I liked the way the playpen looked so I kept it there, along with her food & water bowls. The food bowl isn't usually there all day but I forgot to wash it when I took this pic :P Nice & cozy, huh? I also had a whiteboard I wasn't using and just hung it above her bed with her name again since I wasn't sure what to do with it. The location of it makes it hard for me to constantly change the writing or image, etc. so it just stays there :-)

Probably the coolest thing about her room is that it has a balcony which is connected to my room. In other words, if I wanted to spy on her, I could just get out onto the balcony via my room & just peep into her room. My parents suggested just keeping her out there permanently but there's no roof & I'm just a worried mama who wants to keep her baby indoors.

You may be able to see the mirror on the far left side. That's a large built-in wardrobe where we normally store things we don't use but it also has some shelves & drawers. I cleared one shelf to keep her food and another for the stack of newspapers & tape we have, thanks to Monica :-) The funny thing about the mirror is that you can see the lick marks where Teddy's always intrigued by her reflection.

I've cleared up the bottom row of my bookshelves so that Teddy wouldn't chew up all of my books or anything like that so here's what they look like now. I have one on each side of her playpen. You have no idea how much effort I put into planning all of this...it's embarrassing.

I also get a lot of compliments on the drawer inserts I got at IKEA. I just bought 2 of ones with the drawers & 2 of the ones with the door and Kalen helped me assemble them. It was really quite easy. This is what is in them, from left to right.

First insert: all the grooming essentials. I try to brush her everyday to prevent her fur from matting. Her toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, cologne, and all the other stuff is in here.

Second Insert, Top Drawer: Towels for after her bath and any miscellaneous things like her other collar & little bow that I didn't want to throw away.

Second Insert, Bottom Drawer: Heat Pillow. I actually made this a while back when I had a few digestive issues and the doctor suggested heat packs. It's really simple; 2 pieces of fabric, rice & lavender oil. I also added some decorations to cute it up a little. A few minutes in the microwave & you've got yourself a heat pack :-) Maybe something to use on the warmer nights.

Third Insert, Top Drawer: Worming pills, coupons, the puppy pack we got from the breeder & the poop bags that came with it. Since we don't take her out on walks, I haven't used the poop bags yet but is it weird that I can't wait to?

Third Insert, Bottom Drawer: Blanket. This is the one we use occasionally such as when we take her somewhere in the car or for the warmer nights, etc. It was one of my favourite blankets but now, it's hers :D

Fourth Insert: Treats! I've gotta say, the Schmacko's Twirlz are not winners. Teddy wouldn't go near them. Let me just say, the image on the front is very misleading. And she liked the Milky Sticks at first but she got a little sick from them so they're both gone now. She absolutely loves the Puppy Rewards though and it was because of them that she is confident with our whole staircase! Although, it does worry me a little sometimes...

It's that time of the year when 2015 Calendars are on sale everywhere and I just couldn't resist a mini one with King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppies. Teddy probably won't be able to see it but it is of her mommy & just so cute. Also, a good way to keep track of worming, vaccinations, vet checks, etc.

One of my favourite products is the little doggy butt hanger thing I also got at IKEA. Honestly, the majority of both our rooms is from IKEA. I got this idea from Pinterest and since I had the Scrabble stickers laying around from last year, I thought I'd do it as well. So that's where I hang her leash & her collar when she's not wearing it.

And that concludes our tour! I know, it's a little extreme. But really, there were 2 spare rooms not being used so this one would not be missed. And it's right next to my room. Does anyone else go as crazy as I do? Or is this not even that bad?

Anyways, I hope you're all excited about #Blogmas & I'll see you in 2 days! :-)

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡

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