Tuesday, December 30, 2014

TEDDY TUESDAY: We Won! ...Kinda :-)

So you may remember this photo? Well, Charley Chau had a photo competition, and guess who came runner up in the Most Fantastic Photo of a Charley Chau Bed?! That's right! This little cutie right here. I know runner up isn't exactly 'winning' but to me, this was one of the biggest victories. Is that a little sad? I mean, I loved the Charley Chau beds so much & the company, owners & their adorable dogs so much more, but this was just such an awarding experience so it's definitely a win in our books! Thanks Charley Chau! ♡

Since they have such beautiful bedding & I got a £25 voucher, of course I went shopping. And if you ordered in December, you got this free tote bag. And I am addicted to tote bags. They are totes adorable ;P (see what I did there?). So here is what I got!

I love love love personalised notes that are handwritten. And look at that face! I have two of these note cards now & I have stuck them up on my wall because they're just so adorable. The tote also came in this beautiful little box. I just love that they go above & beyond with the packaging & the service & just everything in general, so even if the products are a little pricey, not to mention shipping, it's so worth it! And the quality... 

Since Teddy already has a snuggly bed kind of thing, I thought I'd go for a day bed this time. It's a little more casual & more portable, so maybe keeping it downstairs & also using it in the car as well would be nice. And the print! Ahhhhh! So cute!! It's called Man's Best Friend, and isn't that just so fitting?! Swoooooon.

Here are a few photos of Teddy posing for the camera. She's a natural. And she reached 100 followers already on Instagram so if you haven't checked it out yet, please do and to those who already have, thank you!

I honestly cannot get enough of this girl. She's got quite the personality - cheeky, a little naughty at times (my poor arms & toes!), super hyper but infinitely cute. My cousins and I have been going a little dog & Instagram crazy, so check out Teddy's Instagram again if you wanna see some pics of them. We're thinking of going to the dog park or maybe even to the beach so stay tuned for a lot more cuteness overload.

I'd love to hear your dog stories since I'm in crazy dog lady mode so please leave some entertaining anecdotes down below :-)

Love Always,
Anna Banana & Teddy ♡


  1. Congrats on the photo challenge and the voucher!! The pattern on the new day bed is adorable!! I almost picked up a bean-bag like intended-for-toddlers chair for my little guy to hang out on, but then realized that he would eat it open and we would have bean-bag-beans all over the house. Until he stops chewing on things, he gets a blanket and nothing else, ha!

    1. Ahahaha great idea! How old is your little one? Teddy's definitely going through a teething phase so I can't wait until she calms down just a little bit ;-) And thank you! xx

  2. hello lovely! I just started a new blog and I was wondering if you had any tips about keeping a blog going, getting ideas, and getting your blog out there! thanks so much! (:

    1. Hi there! I'm flattered you'd ask me so thank you! Hmm, tips... Well I guess for one if you have Instagram, that was the fastest way I got my images out there & made so many friends. And I'd advise you to take lots of photos of anything & everything so you have a lot of things to talk about, even if you don't post about it right away. I noticed you also like Filofaxes, planning & make up so I can't wait to read what you write about!

      And probably most importantly, don't be discouraged if you feel like no one's reading your blog. I still think that too since no one really comments but eventually you'll get there. And as you wrote in your first post, it's really a way of just expressing yourself & letting it all out so just be yourself! :-) Good luck to you & all the best! xx