Sunday, December 28, 2014

♡ My Week: 22-28 December 2014 + Year in Review is it the last week of 2014 already? Well, not officially but...kinda. I mean, this time next week it'll be 2015! A lot has happened this year, no doubt. I thought I'd do sort of like a reflection of the year that was...

One of the biggest & saddest things that happened this year was the fact that my grandmother passed away. I sill miss her & think about her and can't believe it'll be her one year anniversary in 2 short months.

Another would be the fact that I took some time off uni to focus on getting myself back on track. I had half the year to sort myself out & haven't quite gotten to where I wanted to but I have confirmed my re-enrolment and will be back at school in March.

I would never have been able to get through this year without my friends & family by my side. I know my parents won't be reading this but I just wanna give them a shoutout. They understood my decision to take a break and supported me through it all. My best friend since I could remember, Monica, her boyfriend Jeremy & of course, my one & only, Kalen. I honestly don't know where I'd be without him.

And of course, Teddy. Teddy, Ted Ted, Teddy. As I am typing up this blog post, she is squirming on my lap, trying to lick my face. She hasn't been easy, that's for sure. And I've got the bite marks all over my arms & legs to prove it. But she's been such a cheery addition to the family that has brought the house alive.

How has your year been? Ups & downs are expected I guess but the fact that we can get over it & move on with our lives is what makes us stronger and ready for the new year, right? I hope you've all been well & I can't thank you all enough for your love & support as well. You are what keeps me going, wanting to photograph everything & share with you all. xx.

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. Congrats to you for not only taking the time away from school when you needed it, but then signing yourself up when your "break" was over! That takes a lot of responsibility, to be able to do that!
    I, too, feel like a puppy was needed to make the year what it was - my little man is still super rambunctious and doesn't always know what he wants, but I love him to death and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

    1. Aww, he looks & sounds gorgeous & cheeky, just like Teddy. Thank you so much for everything! xx

  2. Hey there lovely! I've been keeping up with your blog for awhile and decided to start my own! If you have a minute, check mine out! I just started it. I'm a fellow filofaxer. xoxo