Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TEDDY TUESDAY: Honey's 2nd Birthday!

Wednesday the 21st of January of Honey's 2nd Birthday! So we all went to the dog beach for a little party. Naturally, being the organised freak I am, I packed quite a bit... Better safe than sorry, am I right? On the drive to the beach, Honey & Teddy sat in the back with me and my nieces. Teddy was sitting on my lap when Honey decided she wanted to sit on me. And this girl is not light. She's 15kg & very strong. So I got a few scratches on my legs & drool all over me but since she was the birthday girl, I let it slide :P

The beach itself was gorgeous & also had a grass area for picnics and dogs to run about. The tide was low so we could walk in quite far and the water would still only be about knee height.

I was curious to see how Teddy would react to the water since it was her first time, but we were all pleasantly surprised when she just bounded in by herself. She cried a little once we got in deeper & was stuck to the spot, but I held her and when she was paddling confidently by herself, I slowly let her go & what do you know, she was a natural water dog! It was so much fun! Don't forget to check out her Instagram to see more photos & videos from that day! Honey was already a good swimmer but the grandpas, in particular Cola, got in by himself as well and it was so good to see them have a good time.

Here's the birthday girl! She was a little grumpy today but we let her off the hook a little since it was her special day :D But we think she had fun! And you might remember I got her a collar & leash from Mattie & Margot to match Teddy's, as well as her sister, Mimi.

There was no cake but we did get Honey a toy in the shape of a 'Barkday Cake', and I did give her & Teddy a little biscuit as well. And as you can see in the last photo, Teddy was absolutely exhausted on the way home. She had a lot of fun that day & I can't wait to go back! Maybe on Teddy's 1st Birthday :-)

Love Always,
Anna Banana 


  1. All of the beach photos you posted on Instagram are awesome as well! It's always fun to see what fun Teddy is getting up to! So glad she took well to water. I'm hoping my little man will eventually do the same, but we will have to wait until summer to see (and maybe not even then, for the beaches here even in the middle of summer are still windy and cold!) - he hates the bath, though, so it may not turn out too well, ha! :)

    1. Haha yeah I never thought about that. The summers here are unbelievably hot, but then again there are the rainy days like these days :-) Thanks for all your love both here & on our Instagrams! Haha I hope your little one will get used to it as well. Teddy hates baths but she didn't mind the beach too much xx