Sunday, December 14, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Gifts For Her

So, here are some gift ideas for girls. For that special someone, I really don't think you can go wrong with jewellery - ahem, Tiffany's. I mean, what girl can resist those gorgeous blue bags & white ribbons? Another common interest I noticed amongst girls/women was stationery. I mean, isn't that mainly the reason you're reading my blog as well? :P

Some Filofaxes aren't too pricey, especially the smaller ones & I think the Calipso is really quite worth it. And with that, you can't just skip the Washi Tape, now, come on. The MT brand is probably the most common & for a reason too - they're just amazing. And if a planner isn't what you're looking for, Emily Ley has these gorgeous Simplified Journals (which I'm tempted to buy myself). Not to mention her planners are amazing as well.

For the book lovers, there are heaps & heaps of options. Of course, 2014's must have, The Fault In Our Stars is a pretty safe bet. As well as the much-loved Fuji Instax cameras & the ever so wonderful Diptyque candles. I recently went into the Body Shop & saw heaps of gift packs ranging from small stocking stuffers to huge baskets so you can't go wrong there either.

My personal favourites include tea (in particular, cute mugs) & the Longchamp Backpack. I have both the backpack & the tote but I prefer the backpack so much more. It's convenient, adorable & is deceivingly spacious. Overall, a slightly pricey yet incredibly worthwhile gift.

I hope you liked these gift ideas. I tried not to adhere to too many gender stereotypes but in the end, girls just tend to like particular things as guys tend to like particular things. But all in all, I hope this helped you get your presents ready. Was there anything here you got or would like to get? I would love some more suggestions as well!

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. hey little miss anna, may i ask where that penguin teacup is from. thank you!

    1. Hey there, little red moose ;-) They used to sell it on ModCloth but unfortunately not anymore. Sorry about that, I just googled cute mug images & put that one in without thinking... xx

    2. thanks for that. i don't blame you for including it as it's ridiculously cute!!! :-)