Sunday, December 14, 2014

★ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Regarding 2015 Monthly Inserts

I am sorry to report that a very kind reader has informed me of a typo in the 2015 Monthly Insert. The June month has the year 2014 instead of 2015. I would have fixed this & posted the new one ASAP if it wasn't for my laptop breaking down. I no longer have Microsoft Word & so unfortunately, I will not be able to fix it for a while.

I sincerely apologise for this error & will do my best to get it done as soon as possible & thank you for letting me know of my mistake. Please be sure to tell me in the case there are any more.

Love Always,
Anna Banana ♡


  1. Maybe there is something I've not understood but where can I find these inserts please?
    Thanks for your answer!

    1. Here they are. If you find the link it will direct you to another page for you to download. If that still doesn't work, I will e-mail them to you :-) xx